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Now You’re Probably Wondering, What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This Virtual Summit?

Here’s what you’ll discover by joining the free Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit:

  • Comprehensive understanding of what affiliate marketing is, how it all works and how you personally can start today. Everything covered, nothing missed. Fundamental knowledge.
  • 25+ leading industry experts from around the world with carefully curated topics. The faces of affiliate marketing: representatives of the biggest companies and super affiliates will exchange their knowledge and thoughts on how we can grow together.
  • 5 days of intense learning totally free. We will cover all aspects of affiliate marketing , all traffic sources, verticals and tools. 
  • Practise. We will be actually showing live workshops. Top affiliates and entrepreneurs will show you how they do it.
  • E-commerce + FBA day 100% dedicated to building e-commerce business and strong brand around it. We will cover everything: traffic, tools, payments and more.
  • Bonuses and special discounts from our partners. We want you to start, not just learn. So we equip you for the battle.
  • Networking. The most powerful tool for every online entrepreneur. Meet thousands of like minded people, ask questions, exchange ideas, make friends and find partners. We are here to learn.
  • Community. When the summit ends your journey will go on. Be a part of regular webinars and masterminds with us. Let’s grow together.


Oliver Kenyon

Landing Page Guys

Jordan Menard

Long Form Creative

Zack Franklin


Ian Fernando

Super Affiliate

KJ Rocker

Super Affiliate

Jason Kilby

Freenet Digital

Ivan Doruda


Henry Whitfield 


Saif Siddiqui


Bilal Asad

Scale Your Biz

Manu Cinca

Stacked Marketer

Anna Gita


PJ Diamond


Peter Rabenseifner


Mary Minkevich


Jonathan Biggs

DFO Global

Nick Shackelford

Structured Social

Alexandr Fedotov

AF Media

Luna Vega


Ilya Kononovich


Matt Smith


Renz Gonzales

Propeller Ads

Vladimir Fedan

Binom Tracker

James van Elswyck

Purple Leads

Maor 'The Wolf'

Super Affiliate

Paul Jeyapal


Servando Silva

Super Affiliate

Sebastian Twinaxe

Longtime Affiliate

Alex Omelianovych


Chase Harmer


Featured Experts Sessions

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing

Module 2: Traffic day. From Theory to Practice. (Workshops)

Module  3: Facebook Day

Module 4: Google Display Network and other Traffic Sources

Module 5: E-commerce & FBA

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Founder - Affiliate Business Club

Hi, I’m Akram,

I started my Affiliate Marketing journey in 2011 and started working on my first 'big' project a soccer website with first hand information from players itself working. In 2014 I set-up a performance marketing / media buying company with partners where our main focus was promoting e-commerce products on social traffic. 

3 years ago I founded Affiliate Business Club. An international community where we organise events world-wide. Recently the company has just launched its platform, and its goal to bring together the Affiliate Marketers in the world and become the Affiliate Marketing Social Network.

My mission is to help you with growing your online business with Affiliate Marketing.

If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way and connect you with the right people.



Hi, I am Roman,

I am a professional journalist and a writer.

I stumbled upon Affiliate Marketing in the beginning of 2017 and with friends we started to run campaigns. Soon we were a 15 people team.

In 2018 I co-founded ZorbasMedia – a media covering affiliate marketing internationally. I was responsible for the content part. My goal there was to bring real journalism into affiliate marketing. I have done dozens of high quality video interviews with the most influential people in the industry from all over the world. Covered many events, filmed many companies, met many incredible people.

Recently I started the new project - Affpeople. There I talk again with the brightest and the smartest.

And here at our event I am happy to introduce to the industry and its people.

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